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About The Pondicherry State Co-operative Union
   The Pondicherry State Co-operative Union Ltd P.259 was registered on 10-02-1975 and started its working on 23.2.1976. The Pondicherry Institute of Co-operative Management is a unit of the Pondicherry State Co-operative Union. The Pondicherry Institute of Co-operative Management is a junior level training Institute established by the Pondicherry State Co-operative Union Ltd., on 19th November 1980 with the main object of imparting Co-operative Training.
The objects of the Pondicherry State Co-operative Union is as follows:
To offer suggestions for the development of Co-operative Movement for the entire Union Territory of Puducherry.
To impart Co-operative Education to the members, Leaders of all Co-operative Institutions.
To conduct meeting, seminars on management issues.
To conduct training programme for co-operative society employees, Co-operative Department-Officials and officials of other Government departments.
   Any Co-operative Society registered under the Pondicherry Co-operative Societies Act, 1972 can take membership on payment of subscription prescribed in the by-laws of the Union. The individual, veteran Co-operators can also become a member as individual which shall not exceed 25.
Membership will be ceased in the following circumstances
When the society is liquidated or the registration of a society is cancelled in which the representative is a member.
If the affiliated society has failed to pay annual subscription continuously for three years.
When the society communicates to the Union in writing about its decision to withdraw its representative and refuse to remit the subscription and the same has been approved by the Committee of the Union.
Annual Subscription from the member societies.
Co-operative Education Fund from the Co-operative Societies @ 2% of the net profit subject to maximum of Rs. 25,000.
Government subsidy and grants.
The present rates of annual subscription are as follows
Sl. No. Category of ocieties Amount (Rs.)
1 Apex Societies / Mills 3,000       
2 Central Society / Board 2,000       
3 Societies working capital exceeding Rs.5 lakhs 5,00       
4 Societies working capital less than 5 lakhs 2,00       
Source of Finance
   The Government has also provides 100% Grant/ Subsidy for the salary of the staff working in the Pondicherry Institute of Co-operative Management, Co-operative College of Education and Co-operative Teacher Training Institute.